Riverbank Studios was set up in 1973 by Mike Pandey with an eye on creating value based and conservation films as well as a vast footage archive. Since then the studio has grown into a fully equipped production house that makes films and television content. With 40 years of filmmaking experience backing us,  the studio is a wholly integrated set up equipped to handle the entire film pipeline – from idea to the final product. The creative impulse at Riverbanks is driven by the need to work on ideas that are dynamic and socially and environmentally responsible.


Our productions are diverse; television content, wildlife and environment, corporate and development films, children’s programming and public awareness campaigns.

Stock Footage

Shooting all over India we have developed a tremendous bank of footage and stories that represent various facets of the country’s incredible natural and social heritage.


Riverbank studios films are National Award winners and have also won various international awards. The core of our work remains wildlife and environment but telling stories is where our passion lives.


Ready for your next production? Cameras, Sliders, Jibs, Lights and a bunch of other stuff to rent you won’t know you need till you see it! 🙂


We have a range of footage for you to choose from – rare wildlife footage and more. Let us help you complete your story with visuals you may not have.


Do you need a film made to tell your story? Well…we’re here to do just that! Today 80% of the internet is video and this is something that’s only going to get bigger with time.


Need a crew to make everything easy so that you can focus on content? We can help you fix locations, get permits and rent all the gear you need.




A brilliant idea conceived a half a century ago ignited a spark that turned into IQ. Filmmakers helping filmmakers, across time zones, cultures, and projects. Each member held to the highest standards of creativity and production excellence.



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