Our first Editing Station - The 16mm Steenbeck


Steenbeck Edit Suite


This is our first Edit station.. a 16mm Steenbeck

Two of the spools were for audio and one was for video.. well film not video.  The film ran through and reflected light from a halogen lamp created an image on the ground glass. We were using this back in the 80’s and it’s amazing to think how far things have come in just a few decades! Can’t wait to see what comes next but wireless seems to be the future.

The basic act of making a cut took minutes, something which takes about a second and a half if that! hell there’s even a short cut key for it.. so it’s down to maybe a half second! But ask anyone who’s edited on film and they’ll have more than an opinion about it. To be involved physically and be actually feeling and handling the footage, pulling a shot out of the bin*, making a cut* and then putting into a film splicer to physically join two shots together.

*Thats right.. thats why its called a cut and Bin. Now google why it’s called a cross fade!


Steenbeck EditSteenbeck Edit

Here’s a video we found which shows basically what goes into making a single cut ..the old school way! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUxbfiZ_-9Y

Just something to think about the  next you time you need to recut a sequence or waiting for an effect to render out 🙂

And this is what we’re upgrading to now – The new iMac


Steenbeck Edit