Films - idea to screen


You just have to give in and trust the process, no matter how drawn out, mundane, over simplified, process oriented and boring it seems. People have been making films and telling stories for quite a while now and have pretty much figured out what we need to tell a good story. Methods differ, some people like paper, some like laptops, some like scribbling and drawing..whatever your technique maybe ..use it and get that idea out of your head onto something that can be seen!

Quite often it’s that starting point which is really hard.. how do you begin to flesh out an idea and then structure and layer it so that it’s interesting and complex but not too complex or self indulgent? No easy answer there and inspite of all those years of masters telling stories and audiences giving their relentless and often ruthless feedback.. film more often than not miss that sweet spot. Films are hard to make and it’s really a combination of so many things that it maybe impossible to even list.

Here are the basics that every story needs –

  • A start, a middle and an end
  • A theme
  • A Plot
  • A central character or a few!
  • Setup, Conflict and then resolution

One thing we try to follow is that every few minutes of a film the viewer needs to feel one of these two things ..or both!! This is more from a documentary perspective.. while watching the film the viewer should either be thinking – I want to know what happens next OR oh wow..I didn’t know that! If we can get them to feel one of these, we have them engaged and with us for at least the next few minutes.

We had to finish 2 films in 3 months and the only way to attach this was to get organised!! Here’s a look at how we structured Looking for Sultan and Gyamo – queen of the mountains. This is of course after we had killed all the not so brilliant ideas and given it a structure to begin writing around 🙂

Both films are airing on Animal Planet India and soon on Discovery.


Pre Production



On Location filming



Post Production


 and the finished posters

Gyamo – Queen of the Mountains


Looking for Sultan



Film Trailers

Gyamo –

 Looking for Sultan – coming soon!

Behind the scenes coming soon too!