Story Outline 

India is a stopover for some impressive species who are either making their way across the world or using it as a romantic getaway. 


Demoiselle Cranes

The smallest of the cranes but that doesn’t stop them from flying over the Himalayas to a warm and sunny village in Rajasthan. Ratan lal and his wife wait for the cranes and take care of them through the winter Flamingos Not far from the international border, in the middle of the salt flat plains is the largest flamingo nesting site in India. The only humans around are the army guarding the border. 


Olive Ridley Turtles 

There’s something about that short stretch of sand in Odisha that the Turtles love! In spite of being very active and populated Ridleys came to lay their eggs in hundreds and thousands.


Amur Falcons 

A conservation success story, Amur falcons make their way in their thousands on route to South Africa. A tiny village is transformed for a few weeks each year as a blizzard of falcons take over to feed on termites. 


Black Necked Cranes 

A quiet wetland at 4500m surrounded by giant mountains is the perfect spot to raise a family for a crane as endangered as this.. with only 10,000 left in the wild each breeding pair is important. The cranes court, mate, raise a chick and fly back to the Tibetan Plateau.

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    45 minutes

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