•  Duration:
  • SD 49 minutes
  • Produced by Riverbank Studios

The film was the first Asian film to win the The Green Oscar – Panda Award at the Wildscreen Festival. It subsequently went on to win seven other international awards.

The film documents a 42-day wild elephant capture operation in Madhya Pradesh, India. Driven out of their home range due to excessive deforestation; a herd of wild elephants migrated to eastern Madhya Pradesh 300 kms away, where the sterile teak plantations could not sustain the herd. Desperate for sustenance they went on a rampage amidst the terrified tribals of the remote district of Sarguja – where elephants in the wild have been unheard of, for more than a century. A team of trained elephants was brought in to capture the herd.


The Green Oscar/ Panda Award, Wildscreen Festival, Bristol, UK – 1994

Spirit Of Wilderness, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA – 1994

Care For Nature Award, International World Wildlife Fund, Bangalore, India.

Special Jury Award, International Video Festival (IVFest), Trivandrum – 1995

We The People, South Africa.