Lion Tailed Macaques The smallest of the macaques but with the spirit of a Lion. They live around tea estates waiting for the jackfruit season and the feeding frenzy to begin! 

Rhesus Macaques No introduction needed. The most Gangsta of all… Nuff Said 

Hanuman Langur Living a calm and quiet life on the temple steps… or are they?

Spectacled Langur Spectacularly strange looking, they’ll look back at you like you’re the weirdo in the room. Found only in a remote corner of India 

Golden Langur With an almost ethereal other-worldly quality they remain shy, secretive and rarely come down from trees 

Hoolock Gibbon Marooned on an ‘island’ of trees a village comes together to care for a family of Gibbons 

  •  Duration:

    45 minutes

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