India has some of the most biodiverse landscapes and unique species of wildlife but today the harsh reality is that habitats are shrinking, forests are fragmented and the human population is on the rise. Man and animal are now face to face fighting for survival. 

Among this mayhem a few warriors are waging a war against wildlife crime, protecting the last standing pockets of fragmented forests, rescuing wild animals and infiltrating India’s Poaching Nexus.

The Films aims to bring to the forefront the incredible acts of courage and passionate commitment to the mainstream audiences. Reporting from the frontline, it will create awareness and celebrate these people who are going beyond their call of duty to make a LAST STAND FOR INDIA’S WILDLIFE.

Investigative, fast paced and Urgent these films will dive into a close and upfront view of a mostly silent war that is raging in all corners of India. Cutting back and forth between these three we will get an overview of the realities of what bitter truths and victories lie ahead.

  •  Duration:

    30 minutes

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