Supermoon with our Longest Lens!


The Supermoon this time was supposed to be the closest it’s ever been in the last 100 years or something like that. There seems to be a bigger and better Supermoon each year now!! Anyway.. So here it was.. the night coming in fast. We did our setup quick as we could with the FS7, MTF Adapter and our big boy the HJ 40. I think it’s still one of the longest lenses out there!

The money shot we were going for to have some bats fly by or a plane to cross the frame but that never happened. What does happen thought at that magnification is that you can actually see the moon move.. or it us thats moving? hmmmm

It was a still night so didn’t have to worry about any lens shake at full magnification from any wind. The inbuilt stabiliser is really good but at full zoom and a doubler on the slightest touch can feel like a big bump! Once we were framed up, locked off the heavy duty tripod .. stepped back and let the moon do it’s thing.