Mystery Climbing Fish!!??


Filming in Ranthambhore we’d pass this point four times every single day. This was post monsoon as the last of the flowing water was slowly pulling back and supply to smaller pools was stopping. A few months back I had spotted a pair of keelbacks hunting in this pool and so by default I would always look in hoping to find something interesting.

Quite by chance I spotted what I thought were tadpoles evacuating a small pond and actually climbing up a vertical wall which still had a little water flowing down it. Nothing exciting till I zoomed all the way in and..whoa! those are fish!! I really thought I had discovered some new behaviour but as it turns out this is fairly common in fresh water fish (if poorly documented).

There are two different species in the pics, the fish with the slimmer profile and the prominent bands on the body is either a fish of the Schistura montanus or S. inglisi complex and the other one is a Garra species, either gotyla or mulya.