30 August 2014 |    Client: Microsoft |    Posted by:John Doe

The HJ11ex4.7B is the widest angle of view portable HDTV production lens offered by Canon. This particular lens is intended for producers and broadcasters having as their foremost priority really wide angle shooting with minimum chromatic aberrations and geometric distortion (at the widest angle) – contained within a lightweight mobile package that offers exceptional HDTV performance.

The HJ11ex4.7B utilized breakthrough technologies and powerful computer-aided design techniques to produce a very wide-angle HDTV lens in a modest 4.3 lb package. It is a design directly responding to the expressed creative desires of broadcasters and HD producers for a truly versatile HD acquisition system. The optional flexibility of Canon’s Crossover aspect ratio switching system makes it a superb performer for both 16:9 widescreen and standard 4:3 image formats.