The High Altitude lakes found in the Indian Himalayas are of great importance to the people living in this region. They provide livelihood and are considered sacred. Pasture lands fringing the wetlands are used for grazing livestock, and have also been identified as the home of several rare endemic species of birds, medicinal plants and mammals.

The Himalayan wetlands also play an important role in the origin and flow of mighty rivers. Acting as a buffer between glacial melt waters and outflows to smaller rivers and streams.

Change in dynamics to these wetlands can have a drastic effect downstream impacting fish populations, agriculture, river infrastructure, flood cycles and communities in those river basins.

This film being made in partnership with the Himachal Forest Department emphasizes the need to preserve these wetlands and its ecosystem. It captures the great expanse of the beautiful dhauladhars in Himachal Pradesh and reminds us of the fact that these wetlands are to be conserved to secure a steady supply of water to the entire region and to safeguard communities and biodiversity that depend on these freshwater sources.

  •  Duration:

    25 minutes

  •   Client:
    Forest Department of Himachal Pradesh