One of the last havens of untouched forest land – the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve in South India is home to the deadly rock bee the Apis Dorsata. Just before the monsoon, the honey gatherers, Kurumba tribals of the Nilgiris prepare for their yearly harvest, scaling precipitous cliffs and risking their lives to collect honey of the wild Apis Dorsata.

The first film to have documented the Kurumbas way of living, Dramatic sequences of honey gathering off 300 foot cliffs leave you spellbound.

As filmmakers our biggest challenge was to capture this sequence effectively, since the kurumbas would not permit outsiders to suspend themselves on their chosen cliffs. The only way to get extraordinary angles was to climb atop and reach over the edge of the cliffs or position ourselves directly below the hives. Rigorous, as each time we were right in the midst of the bee storm.

  •   30 August 2014

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    John Doe